A Fun Biking Trip in Prague
Enjoying Prague on a bike is a relatively rare activity because of the city’s colder climate. But during the summer and spring season, tourists can easily have fun in Prague with their escort ladies in Czech even on a bike. Hot escort ladies in Czech Republic can aid their patrons in visiting different places in Prague while riding a bike.
But enjoying Prague on a bike is more than just looking for a bike to rent out for the day and blindly traveling to different places in the city. There are some things you need to consider so that you can have fun and get the best out of Prague even though you are just riding your bike.
More than Just Bike Rentals
There are companies in Prague that specialize in bike rentals. But they are more than your regular bike rentals since they also operate as a tour guide. Aside from giving you and your hot companion a good bike to enjoy, these bike rental companies will also provide you a sketch on which places to visit. The recommended route is often good for a few hours which is good enough even for casual bike riders.
Recommended Destinations while on a Bike
If you want to plan your own itinerary while on a bike, consider these places to visit with your hot escort:
Beautiful Parks – instead of going around the city looking at the beautiful structures, consider visiting the beautiful parks of Prague. The structures are already visible even on foot so it’s best to visit the parks to enjoy their picturesque beauty. Prague has four parks area for a bike ride: Stromovka, Letna, Kampa and Vitkov.
Beer Gardens – aside from the beautiful parks of Prague, bike rides to different beer gardens is also recommended. Letna, Vyšehrad, Riegrovy Sady are well known beer gardens that can easily accommodate bikers who want to enjoy the scenery with a few bottles of beer. Just be sure that you and your companion don’t drink too much so that you can still handle your bike.
Get Some Information Online
Aside from basic destinations on which places to visit on while biking in Prague, there are additional information you can find online including tips for tourists who want to stay in Prague for weeks. If you’re planning to stay in the country longer, you can also join some groups in the city where you can join them visit places outside Prague.