Appreciating Escorts Prague while In The Hradec Kralove Region


The northern area of Czech Republic is a well known destination in Europe. While it doesn’t have the historic structures in Prague, the northern area of the country boasts of impressive natural setting. Mountains and picturesque landscape are common in this part of the country. For that reason, tourists flock this area of the country every summer and winter. This is also the reason why men with escorts Prague visit this part of the country.
One of the popular places in the northern part of the country is the Hradec Králové region. Located in the northeast end of the country, the region borders Poland in the north. The region’s border is very significant to their tourism as there are interesting places within the borders of Hradec Králové region.
The Mountain Borders of Hradec Králové Region
The region is well known to adventurers in Europe particularly the mountain borders with Poland. Tourists should be able to enjoy the mountains during summer as it offers a picturesque yet challenging setting for those who wanted to go on trekking. Hiking in this region is not just for the experienced – there are a good number of guided trails that can be easily followed. What made the trails special in this region is the additional trails dedicated for those who wanted to bike. For those who wanted a challenge, the uphill ride should be an adventure. Those who wanted an easy ride can consider riding the cable car uphill. During the winter season, the region becomes the favorite for tourists because of the various skiing spots. The same cable cars are now used by skiers who wanted to try trails with different skill requirements.
Visiting the Region’s Capital

Of course, the region’s capital is a highly recommended city in Czech Republic. Just like most major cities in the country, Hradec Králové is well known for their storied structures. Tourists will immediately notice various towers that stand tall in the city. These towers are owned by churches, castles and museums. Most, if not all, of these structures are accessible to tourists. The city is also known for their Jazz festivals, aviation museum and world class aquariums.

But the region’s capital is not the only one worth visiting in Hradec Králové region. The following are notable places that should not be missed by tourists:
  • Chlum – this small site near the Hradec Králové is a must for every history buffs. Tourists should be able to visit the site of one of the bloodiest battle in history. Every July, tourists and locals visit the area for war reenactment.
  • Chlumec nad Cidlinou – another notable destination in the region, this picturesque city is well known in the region for Koruna Chateau. The beautiful structure is popular because of its striking resemblance of the Royal Castle.

Hradec Králové should never be missed by any tourist who wanted to have an adventure in Czech Republic. The natural setting, historical past and amazing architecture should be more than enough for the experienced tourist. You and your escort should immediately find the activities you wanted to enjoy.