Appreciating the Beautiful City of Olomouc with Your Czech Escorts Prague


Located in the eastern region of Prague is mid-sized city not usually found on the travel list of tourists but has amazed every visitor for many decades. Called Olomouc, the city with more than 100,000 in population is a relatively unknown tourist destination but highly recommended for every first time tourist of Czech Republic. It the home of some of the most impressive structures in the country and amazing culture that could easily rival Prague. In fact, it’s highly recommended to stay in the city for a few days to fully enjoy the beauty of Olomouc. If you want to visit a great place aside from Prague with your escort, Olomouc is one of the best options.


Traveling to Olomouc


Because of the city’s cultural significance in Czech Republic, tourists should be able to visit the city without any problem from Prague. There are trains that leave the city and the travel time is from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours depending on the company. Vienna and Krakow also have trains that go through Olomouc. The price of the ticket ranges from 400 Kč to 510Kč.  Bus is also another option but it’s a lot longer (more than 4 hours) because it has to travel through the southern region of Czech Republic before reaching Olomouc. You don’t want to waste your time in a bus with a beautiful companion.


Touring Olomouc


From the train station, get on a tram to the city center. From that point, you and your hot adult companion can visit various places on foot. You can also opt to purchase one-day pass tickets which are good for unlimited rides on the bus and trams. Never ride the bus without a ticket as the penalty is 10 times more than the original fare.


Structures and Places to Visit


There are too many places to visit in Olomouc that one day in the city will never suffice. The following are the some of the most interesting structures in the city to explore with your adult companion:


  • Holy Trinity Column – it’s categorized as a column but this UNESCO Heritage Site is more than just a piece of concrete. Built during the 1700s, it features a very impressive baroque architectural design and sculptures from the same period.
  • Town Hall – this is the first structure you’ll notice since it’s located right in the city center. Found near the town hall is the astronomical clock and its tower is often sought by tourists because of the view it offers.
  • St. Wenceslas Cathedral – the 2nd tallest church in the country, St. Wenceslas is also one of the oldest structures in the country.
  • St. Moritz Church – for those who are very familiar with various architectural designs, St. Moritz Church offers a glimpse of a true gothic design. The structure was built at the end of 14th century.

Getting a Tourist Card


Before visiting Olomouc, look for a travel agency that can offer you Olomouc Region Card. This will give you free pass to museums, structures and even discounts on your accommodation. This will give you more reason to enjoy the city with your Czech escorts. Prague can wait a bit while you’re in this beautiful city.