Appreciating the Beauty of Cesky Krumlov Just Like Czech Model Escort Pictures


The best of Czech Republic is not just on Prague. The beautiful structures, impressive festivals and beautiful girls from Czech Republic can be experienced in other cities and towns as well. You simply have to travel a few hours outside Prague and you’ll most likely end up in a beautiful city with a picturesque setting just like the country’s capital.


One of the cities highly recommended to every tourist is Cesky Krumlov. Located in the southern part of the Czech Republic, it is a very popular tourist destination. Aside from impressive structures, you’ll also find hot women that you often see from Czech model escort pictures who will give you the intimacy you look for.


Finding Cesky Krumlov


This popular city is very easy to find simply because of its popularity. The easiest way to get to the city is through a bus line. From Prague, busses that go straight to Cesky Krumlov leave from Na Knízecí station. The travel time is no more than three hours and you don’t have to pay more than 180 crowns (US$10). Because of the city’s popularity, tourists also come from other parts of Central Europe through busses. This simply means you can easily reach the city even though you’re not coming from Prague.


Trains are another option but the travel time is more than four hours since you have to make a stop and transfer trains. It’s also a bit expensive (230 crowns) but you might get some discount if you’re travelling in a group.


Things to Enjoy in Cesky Krumlov


The biggest reason why tourists flock the city is the fact that the structures were virtually untouched for more than seven centuries. The entire city is a UNESCO heritage site so you’ll see structures that lived for generations wherever you go. This also includes the pathways that connect the streets. It’s a bit ragged because of time but the cobblestones that make the street are still on great condition. 


The city’s main attraction is its castle. There are two ways to enjoy this amazing structure: you can go on a picnic with you hot Czech Republic escort or you can tour the castle. Buy some food from the local grocery and enjoy the shade in the castle premises for free. You can also pay to tour the castle which is virtually untouched like the houses that surround the property. There are also two museums in the city that chronicles the city’s past and houses some of the local art.


Vltava River


Like Prague, the Vltava River runs through Cesky Krumlov which offers another option in traveling around the city. You can rent a boat which will take you to various locations in this romantic place. It’s another romantic experience for you and your companion. But take note: if you visit the city during summer season, the waterflow could be a bit fast. The tourist agency should be able to inform you if it’s safe to tour the city through the river.


Take your time when visiting Cesky Krumlov. It’s a beautiful city that has preserved its past in the best way possible that it can mesmerize any tourist.