Beautiful Cities to Visit Outside Prague
Prague is undoubtedly one of the best cities in Europe. As the capital of the Czech Republic, tourists often visit the country’s capital to enjoy its nightlife, the bustling business district and hot girls escort Cesky Krumlov. Men often visit Prague because they want to be with a hot escort in Cesky Krumlov and visit some places outside Prague.
But aside from the beautiful city of Prague, there are notable destinations every visitor should consider when they are in the Czech Republic. These are relatively small towns with impressive structures.


The small town is just 36 kilometers from the country capital and a bus ride is only 40 minutes. This is one place tourists should not miss if they are interested in the history of Prague. The small town is home of the original walls that surround Prague and its nearby town of Pilsen.

The most popular attraction in Beroun is the town square and its church. The St. Jacob Church is a good example of a simple chapel featuring an impressive gothic design. If you fancy some hiking, the town hill is perfect for an afternoon walk.


Barely 20 kilometers from the city capital is the beautiful picturesque town of Karlštejn. The town is well known for its beautiful castle from the 14th century. The beauty of the castle is not only in its design but also for its geographical setting. Karlštejn is located on top of the hill which gives tourists a good view of the nearby villages.
Karlštejn is highly recommended for tourists not only for its castle. If you’re looking for an erotic vacation, this is one of the destinations you should consider. Just below the castle are shops where you could purchase adult materials and even find companionship for just a few days.


Highly accessible by train, Benešov is very popular for its castle. The castle is owned by the Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose assassination practically started the First World War. The castle itself is not known for its architectural design but its historical role has made it one of the well visited castles in the country. Tours are available in the castle anytime.

Another attraction in Benešov is the museum for motorcycles. The museum is home to some of the most notable motorcycles in Europe. The museum also displays the different trophies, videos and posters of the popular motorcycle drivers in the Czech Republic as well as country’s motorcycle manufacturing industry.