Best GFE Escort Prague
Brno is the second most popular tourist destination in Czech Republic. But even though the city is only second to Prague, it’s still an impressive place to visit especially when you’re with the best GFE escort Prague. You could also find a good companion in Brno because some of the best Czech GFE Prague also stays in this city.
As soon as you have found your companion, you could take her to some of the interesting places in Brno. Aside from enjoying the companionship of a hot girl from Czech Republic, you’ll also learn more about the country especially its culture.
Visiting the Spilberk Castle
Built in 1204, this amazing castle that towers the entire city is a must for every tourist. The castle is known for its amazing gothic architecture observed in almost every part of the structure. The first area every tourist visits in the castle is the “Dark House” – this is also the most interesting part of the historic building because it was used as a prison for centuries. It’s a good place to start since some of the interesting events in Brno happened here.
Political Past in Stara Radnice
Stara Radnice or Old Town Hall is another historic structure that should not be missed by any tourist. Some parts of the structure were built as early as the 13th century. There are two places in the structure that should not be missed by any tourist: the gate and the tower. The gate features a very impressive sculpture that often stops the tourists in their tracks because of its amazing design.
The tower is another interesting portion of the Town Hall because of its height. With more than 170 steps, tourists are assured of an amazing view of the entire city. Take your companion here and you’ll have fun enjoying the romantic view.

The Cathedral

If you’re an expert in architecture, you’ll immediately notice that the Cathedral of Brno is not just your regular church. It actually features a mix of baroque and gothic architecture. A little bit challenging for design but the Cathedral has actually pulled it off because the structure looks great especially with a good view.


Brno also features numerous museums. The Capuchin Monastery is very popular in the area because of its eerie atmosphere as their museum is also used as a crypt. Another interesting museum is the Gypsy museum which features their customs and traditions in the past. This is a good place to visit with a beautiful companion because of the interesting dresses.