Best Places to Enjoy Local Food in Prague
There are many restaurants to enjoy in Prague and most of them cater to the taste buds of the tourists. If you take your young escort Pragues to any of these restaurants, she will most likely enjoy some western meal or some Asian fusion entrée. Eating in a good restaurant with a wide variety of options is good when you’re with Czech escorts Brno.
But if you’re looking for authentic local food in Prague, you may have to find restaurants popular to locals. You can always ask your beautiful escort for these places but the following are some of the well known restaurants to give you a head start.

Bila Vrana (White Crow)

The restaurant is merely 10 minutes away from the city center but you’ll rarely find tourists dining in the area. The menu is all authentic and the atmosphere is comparable to local diners. The place can easily get crowded during lunch time so if you want to enjoy the place without having to wade through patrons of the diner, visit the place during dinner.
U Medvidku

U Medvidku is gaining in popularity not through commercials or advertisements but through word of mouth. It is one of the favorite destinations of locals looking to enjoy local cuisine. Tourists are also starting to discover the uniqueness of the small restaurant located in Praha 1.

Aside from the restaurant’s popularity for its food, the place is also well known for its beer. U Medvidku is not a bar but many people visit the restaurant to enjoy a good meal as well as enjoy great tasting beer.
U Ceskeho lva

If you’re looking for something more traditional, check out U Ceskeho lva. The place is found in Praha 8 and its also gaining in popularity because of the local atmosphere. Like most of the local restaurants in Prague, the set-up is homely that you don’t have to think of proper dress-up.

Advantage of Local Restaurants

Local restaurants are not your high rise restaurants that ask for exorbitant fees. The prices of the entrees are very budget friendly so you don’t have to spend too much on other food and ingredients. Another advantage is the family friendly atmosphere. Some of the waiters and waitresses are asked to be more accommodating because that’s the only way to connect to their patrons. Last but not the least, local cuisine never runs out of style for the locals. You can easily impress your hot escort by taking her to these places where she could be herself and enjoy a meal.