Bring Your Beautiful Prague Escort to the Remarkable Marianske Lazne


Every city in Czech Republic has a distinct characteristic which has allowed tourists to enjoy different things in different cities. While major cities such as Prague can provide you some impressive nightlife and historic structures, some are well known for their natural setting. A good example is the small town of Marianske Lazne. With less than 15,000 in population, it’s a town that can easily be crowded by tourists – for a good reason. If you and your hot companion wanted to relax for a few days in Czech Republic, Marianske Lazne should be on top of your list of destinations because it is popular for their relaxing springs. In gist, Marianske Lazne is a spa town.


Place with Hundred Springs


Marianske Lazne is a very popular town located in the western end of the country. It has more than 100 springs scattered in different places. More than half of those springs are used which means they are accessible to the public. The springs are controlled so that everyone can have easy access of the waters. There are also hotels that have tapped into springs so that they can offer a complete spa experience. Your beautiful Prague escort will love this experience as she tries various types of massage while plunging in the healing waters.


Well Known Springs


The following are popular public springs in Marianske Lazne:


  • Cross Spring – the most popular spring in town, the Cross Spring is known not only for the curative effect of its waters but also for its structure. The columns that house the spring were built during the early 1800s.
  • Caroline’s Spring – another spring popular for its structure. There’s a colonnade that taps some of the water from the spring was built in 1869.
  • Singing Spring – known for its unique sounds when pushing out water, you’ll often see tourists surround the spring enjoying the waters and listening to its “voice”. 
  • Impressive Structures


Marianske Lazne used to be the favorite travel destination of the rich and royalty during the 1800s. Because of its popularity, various structures were set up in order to accommodate their needs. This is the reason why there are impressive structures found around the city. Some of these are:


  • Church of Assumption – built during the 1840s, it’s a highly decorated church developed with the aid of various architects from Europe.
  • Park Boheminium – a very impressive park as it features miniature version of the well known structures in the country. A great place to enjoy nature with your companion.

Reaching Marianske Lazne


The easiest method of reaching Marianske Lazne is by train, renting a car or taxi. Transportation costs are a bit expensive because travel time is more than 2.50 hours. Taxi services are usually available in the airport while the train station that reaches Marianske Lazne is in the main station. You can also rent a car so that you and your hot companion can freely go to different places. There are free parking spaces in Marianske Lazne but it’s a bit outside the city center. But whatever transportation option you choose, you’ll most likely have a great time with your beautiful Prague escort in this wonderful city..