Enjoy Czech Escort Private Companionship while Visiting Brno and Prague

Prague is undoubtedly the main tourist destination in Czech Republic. You should be able to visit very interesting structures, world class museums and very hot escorts if you like to have a night of intimacy. The city is also very accessible and getting around Prague is easy because of the highly organized travel system.

But if there's one city that can rival Prague - tourists only travel south and visit the beautiful city of Brno. If you would like to get away from the towering structures of Prague and enjoy a difference setting, Brno might be the city for you. Brno is merely two hours by train and bus so you and your beautiful companion from Czech Republic can easily enjoy these two cities.

A Center to Major Destinations

A notable geographical feature of the city is its proximity to major cities in Central Europe. Prague, Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia) is merely two hours away or less. If you're visiting Czech Republic as a tourist with a beautiful companion, you should be able to visit these places as well. Train is still the most convenient method of transportation. Brno is also considered as a major stop-over of trains that are on Prague-Vienna and Prague-Bratislava route.

Comparing Brno to Prague

Brno can't compete with Prague but there are government offices that are only found in this city. The country's Supreme Court is located in Brno as well as its Ombudsman. The city also offers a good collection of structures featuring different types of architecture. The Villa Tugendhat may look like a regular structure but it's a UNESCO heritage site. It received this notable award because it became one of the first structures that use functional architecture. Villa Tugendhat is also one of the few structures built during the late 20s that received such an award. Another notable structure is Špilberk Castle which used to be a prison as well as royal residence. It was built during the 17th century and a very prominent figure in the city. Another structure with the same magnitude is the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul.

The city is also known for hosting various races. The Masaryk Circuit used to be one of the many destinations of European Touring Car Championships. The racing circuit is currently used for local as well as international races in the region. If you're in Brno or about to visit the city, look out for announcements of upcoming races.

Going Around Brno

In terms of inter-city transportation, Brno is more or less the same as Prague. They also have a well organized transportation system which will take you and your Czech escort private companion to your preferred destination anytime. You can use the train, busses or trolleys to get to your preferred destination.

But if you would like to visit the city on foot, here's a tip: go to the city center. From that point, you'll be able to walk to some of the most interesting structures in the city. This will save you travel time and there are a good number of fine restaurants in the streets that serves some of the most interesting cuisine in the country.