Enjoying Beer in Plzeň Just Like Nude Czech Escorts


While Germany is regarded worldwide as a country for those who love beer, many enthusiasts know that Germany is not the only country that offers some of the most memorable beers in the world. Case in point: Plzeň, a picturesque city located in the eastern end region of the country. Even a person vaguely familiar with beer will most likely recognize this name because the city. The word “Pilsener” was derived from the city because the breweries from Plzeň created this uniquely flavored lager. You and your hot partner will really enjoy this place because of the beer as well as the interesting areas in city.


Sights to See


Plzeň is not just about beer, the place also features interesting structures that will surely amaze you and your escort even though she has been to this place before. The biggest attraction in the city is also the tallest – St. Bartholomew Cathedral has the highest tower in the country. It was built during the 13th century and like many churches built during those days, the architectural design is gothic. There’s also an underground tunnel that can be toured in the city. It’s regarded as the longest in Central Europe as it is measured at 20 kilometers long. Other tourist attractions are the synagogue and the town hall.


You can easily tour these places in Plzeň walking in the city park. The pathway will lead you directly to the historic structures so you don’t have to call a cab or rent a car.




The reputation of city as a place to enjoy beer has never disappointed anyone. The “pilsener” form of beer was developed in the city during the 1800s and it has become very popular worldwide. The term was first used in the beer called Pilsner Urquell since 1842. The brand still exists today and even though it’s under a different owner, the flavor still stays. Another brand of beer is the Gambrinus and the brewery is still located in Plzeň called Plzeňský Prazdroj. Tourists can visit the factory and witness how their beer is made. There’s also beer museum in the city where you can take a closer look on how beer influenced the city and vice-versa.  


Transportation Options in Plzeň


Reaching Plzeň from Prague is not that challenging as trains from the capital leave for Plzeň every hour. Busses also leave for Prague in the same frequency. Travel time is nearly two hours but should be no less than an hour and a half. Germany is also near Plzeň and a train that goes from Munich straight to Prague passes through this city.


When you’re in Plzeň with your hot escort, don’t think of any form of transportation. Although the city quite big, everything can be experienced on foot. The bars and restaurants can be immediately seen as soon as you set foot in Plzeň. You just have to walk a bit if you want to shop or compare the looks of the restaurants and even hotels.


If you enjoy beer, never miss Plzeň. It’s a great to enjoy with your partner as you’ll experience not only the taste of beer but also history and culture along with hot erotic companion. It’s like being in bed with a hot nude Czech escorts.