Explore the Stredocesky Kraj Region with a Hot Czech Companion


The Central Bohemian Region or “Stredocesky Kraj” refers to the towns and cities that surround Prague. While Prague is located in the middle of the region, it’s not a member of the Central Bohemian Region. But even without Prague, the region has very impressive structures, natural wonders and festivities that should keep you and your hot erotic companion busy for a few days. Of course, you’re there to have some intimate moments with your hot Czech companion but visiting these places will only enhance the erotic atmosphere. It’s a big region that it can take you days to enjoy some of the best towns featured in Stredocesky Kraj.


Notable Towns in Stredocesky Kraj


  • Černošice – one of the most picturesque towns in the country, this relatively small place outside Prague is very popular because of its calming setting with interesting structures. It’s well known to tourists because of the various resorts in town.
  • Kladno – barely 20 minutes west of Prague is the beautiful city of Kladno. It’s the largest city in the region and regarded as the industrial powerhouse in the country. Coal mining in Kladno started during the 19th century which practically changed the city from agriculture. For tourists, the highly recommended place to start is the town square.
  • Benešov – although large in area, the town of Benešov is still regarded as a small town when it comes to population. But it’s very popular to tourists because it is home of various churches that were built in past centuries. Structures such as St. Nicholas Church (13th Century) and the St. Anne Church (18th Century).
  • Příbram – the city of Příbram is known as a mining city in the past. But the place today is better known as a pilgrimage site. The pilgrimage church built during the 17th century is its most popular draw.  
  • Popular Festivities, Museums and Galleries
  • Folklore Festival in Kladno – held every May of the year, tourists and locals visit Kladno, particularly in the Tuchlovice to enjoy the traditional ways in Czech Republic. Open air concerts and performances are common during the festivities.
  • Kourim Open Air Museum – one of the most interesting museums in the country is the open air museum featuring traditional structures of the country. The museum is three hectares wide and very impressive not only for its structures but also for its calming setting.
  • Museum of Silver in Kutna Hora – everything a tourist needs to know about mining and metallurgy in Czech Republic is in this place. Very popular to locals and tourists. Some of the rare stones found in Czech Republic are displayed in this museum.

How to Really Enjoy Stredocesky Kraj with Your Escort


If you want to tour the entire region with your companion, gradually start from popular towns and slowly visit the larger cities outside Prague. You’ll be able to enjoy various natural settings outside Prague that you could be tempted to stay there for a day or two. The Central Bohemian Region of Czech Republic is a very interesting place to visit. Because of its proximity to Prague, you can easily enjoy the beauty of the places outside the capital while returning at night with your hot escort.