Exploring the Czech Castle in Krasikov

Although it’s always a great idea to enjoy your sex vacations in Prague private apartment, exploring the country is still a recommended activity because of the country’s interesting destinations. You could be with a hot girl you met through Prague sex club review for the night but you can also make things a lot more interesting if you take her out to visit some villages and cities outside Prague. You don’t have to worry about transportation since most of them are highly accessible through trains and busses.

The best reason why every tourist should be on the road when visiting Czech Republic is the castles and mansions. Almost every town and city has a castle which was used by royalty or the town nobility or simply the church members. One of those castles that you should try visiting is the Castle Krasikov. Don’t be confused with its name with a village located in the central east region of the country. It’s a castle located in the western end of Czech Republic. The popular name of the castle is Krasikov but its proper name is Svamberk which was named after the noble family that built and owned the castle. The castle was built during the 13th century which perfectly explains the structures setting. The castle is located on top of the hill that provides a good vintage point on different areas surrounding the structure. The purpose of its geographical set-up was to protect the owners from any type of attack.

The setup of the property is a bit unique. Located in the edge of the cliff is a fortification which is practically a stone wall with large windows. The castle is not part of the fortification but located in a separate area. This set-up was probably made to provide additional protection for the structure.

Finding the Castle

If you’re staying in Prague, you might be spending all morning reaching the castle. The castle is located near Stribro and it’s in the westernmost city of Czech Republic. You don’t have to hire a cab or a small van to reach there because of the numerous trains that goes to Stribro. The tricky part is on finding the castle. Its located 15 kilometers northwest of the city which means if you’re traveling with your hot escort, she can be your guide to find the right transportation. A short ride on a cab is the ideal mode of transportation to easily find the castle.