Finding PSE Escorts in Prague

There are two types of escorts according to the services they provide: the GFE or girlfriend experience escorts and the PSE or porn star experience escorts. When in Prague, many of the escort girls in Cesky Krumlov are often for GFE service which means she can provide you with the companionship and care like a true girlfriend. But you can also find a Ceski Krumlov escort that could provide a porn star experience any time of the day.

But the escorts that provide the porn star experience are not just there to play a role for you. Many of the escorts that can provide give a PSE are actually porn stars.

Czech Republic and the Adult Film Industry

The Czech Republic is well known in Europe for their ability to produce good, quality adult films. Although the films are not that popular outside Europe, many of the films are given exposure because of the internet. Some of the successful porn stars in Czech Republic were invited to be in some adult films in USA but many simply stay in the country to enjoy a different limelight.

Like some of the porn stars in North America that also work as escorts from time to time, some of the porn stars in Czech Republic also work as escorts.

Contacting an Agency

The easiest way to find an escort with an adult film experience is through an agency. An agency with a porn star escort will never keep this fact a secret. They will openly advertise the experience of their escort and most likely list her films online. If the name is familiar enough, try to search her name online and you might find some of her videos performing.

This is actually the biggest advantage of porn stars to other escorts: they can actually show what they can do in a video. Their customers will get a good glimpse on the services they can provide and their hot body.

Rates and Services

The rates of porn star escorts vary and they are often determined by their popularity. Expect their rates to be a bit higher than regular escorts. More often than not, their rates double which is actually not a bad deal especially when you get to be with a very hot girl from Prague who really knows what to do to please their partner. It could be a bit expensive but many clients say that the fee is worth it.