Notable Places to Visit in Brno with Escorts in Prague, Czech Republic

When it comes to historical structures, Brno can easily be one of the highly recommended cities in Central Europe. You can spend a day or two in Brno and you'll be able to see very unique structures with equally unique background. Along with your beautiful adult companion, you should visit these places and enjoy history. Your escorts in Prague, Czech Republic could be your tour guide or simply someone that will pamper you while traveling in this country.

Špilberk Castle - the castle was built in 13th century but it took nearly a century to make it a towering structure in Brno. The castle is known to house the Royal Family but it was later converted into prison for many centuries. The castle was even used as a military prison during WWII. It continued to be used by the military as its base until 1956. Today, the castle is used as the city museum. The reconstruction during the Second World War has preserved much of the parts of the castle. Tourists often visit the area not only for the museum but also for the park surrounding the structure.

Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul - one of the first structures noticeable to any tourist is the towering city Cathedral. Built during the 13th century, the Cathedral used to have a Gothic architecture. It was later replaced by baroque design when reconstruction was done the next century. The current design is Neo-Gothic which is basically a fusion of the original Gothic design with other designs in the following centuries. Regular masses are still held in the Cathedral and it’s still the home of the bishop since 18th century.

Tugendhat Villa - the structure located in the suburbs of Brno may look like an innocent home for a well-off family. But it's considered a UNESCO heritage site since 2001 because of its unique architecture. The structure was built during the 20s and it has utilized everything in its surrounding to create a unique structure. The design was also done to provide an idea of a large space. The house was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Restoration was commissioned since February 2010 but tourists can still take a look at the structure from the outside.

Capuchin Church - just 5 minutes from the city center is the Capuchin Church which was built during the 17th century. While the structure is not as notable compared to other historical buildings, its underground cemetery is its main draw as it features mummified monks laid in the ground. It's a very interesting sight but it's not for everyone. They are real mummies and carefully preserved with the help of the natural conditions surrounding the church. Access to these places is only possible through tours.

The best place to start your tour of the city is from the city center. Most of the places mentioned here are within walking distance so you and your beautiful companion can visit these structures without spending anything. While strolling through the streets enjoy some food or dine in their restaurants that serve traditional meals.