Take Your Companion from Czech Adult Escort Agency to these Fine Breweries

Every tourist visiting the Czech Republic should try out their beer. Men who come here to meet hot women from a Czech Adult Escort agency should not just limit themselves to their tasty wines as the Czechs are considered experts when it comes to this type of alcoholic drink. Brno is no exception to this expertise. There are a good number of breweries in the city that should be visited by tourists. Each of these breweries offers something unique but has come to be loved by locals and any foreigner who have come to taste their beer.

Starobrno - with more than 100 years of experience, Starobrno is not just a brand for the locals. The beer has become their identity as the name itself pays homage to its location. Even though the official company was just established late 1800s, it can trace its roots from the 14th century. The company recently had massive changes to adapt to the growing demands of their beer. Since mid 1990s, the company is now part of Heineken but the operations and formula is still the same. The brewery is found in the city and tours are available. Starobrno is also known to have started the tradition of "Green Thursday" as they sell green beer for one day - during Maundy Thursday.

Pegas Brewery - The brand "Pegas" in Brno can be referred to a hotel, a pub-brewery and a restaurant. The Hotel Pegas is located near the castle-museum in Brno and the pub-brewery is right next to the hotel. This means their hotel guests doesn't have to go far to enjoy a great beer in Brno. They simply have to transfer to the pub. The brewery is a very small operation which makes it more interesting to guests as the beer is made while they watch. Complementing the great tasting beer made in Pegas is the home cooked meal that tastes great with the beer served.

U Richarda - also known as Club Richard, this small pub brewery is located a few kilometers outside the city limits. This pub is highly recommended for those who wanted to have some peace and quite or at least have a traditional setting while enjoying their beer. It's the newest brewery in the city as it was just established in 2004. Although the pub is not as popular compared to other small pubs in the city because of its location, it continues to attract customers. They offer something unique as they brew their beer and they are not available in other places.

The biggest testament of Brno's dedication to quality beer is the annual International Beer Exhibit. This is a competition of various breweries around the world and it is held in the popular convention center in the city. Held usually in the first week of March, the city is transformed into a place where beer practically overflows. Breweries from other cities and countries try to earn recognition for their beer. If you want to experience some of the best beers in the world in one place, visit Brno every first week of March.