The Exotic Ostrava and Your Escort Czech Petite Blonde


In every country, there’s a city where you can consider as a “party city” where you can find bars and clubs with beautiful local women to enjoy. In Czech Republic, the common perception is that Prague is the best place to enjoy the night. But there are other places besides Prague that will surely amaze any tourist looking for a great night. Among those places is Ostrava, the third largest city in the country and can be easily considered a great party city in Czech Republic. Bring your hot escort Czech; petite blonde ladies will also be there to accompany you.


The Stodolni Street


Ostrava’s nightlife is actually based on a single street. But this street is not just your raw collection of various bars. Stodolni Street is home to more than 70 bars and clubs. Because of the large number of clubs, each usually offers something unique in order to draw specific patrons. Any mood or music you will prefer that night should be available in one of the bars in Stodolni Street. You and your hot companion could also consider bar hopping so that you’ll enjoy as many bars as possible in one night. It’s an exhilarating experience as you’ll see bars and clubs in one street.


Sports Club


The fun Ostrava is not only limited when the sun goes down. There are other interesting places in the city that should entertain anyone during the day. While the city is not necessarily famous for historical structures, it has impressively made up by creating various sports related stadiums. There are five stadiums, three ice-rinks and more than 200 pitches. There are also a couple of swimming pools in the area where tourists from various parts of the country come to enjoy. The city has a couple of football club so there is always some sporting event happening in Ostrava.


Tourist Attractions


Of course, Ostrava also has a couple of tourist attractions. Among them is the Mining Museum located in the city center. Ostrava used to have a large coal mining facility and it was converted into a museum. The underground tunnel still exists and often visited by tourists. Near the museum is the Benes Wall which is a WWII garrison but it was not extensively used during the war because of its weak construction. The garrison was mostly used for training purposes by the Germans who annexed the country during WWII. There are also two structures that should be visited: the Castle and City Hall. The castle is currently home to various music festivals while the city hall is highly recommended for anyone who wanted to have a bigger view of the city.


Transportation in Ostrava


Like most cities in Czech Republic, transportation is not a problem for you and your hot companion. You just have to be smart on touring the city on bus or through a cab. Busses and trams are you best bet to reach places faster and they are also more affordable. You can go to more places with less effort.