Tips on Renting Cars in Prague and Czech Republic
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The easiest way to move freely in Prague and in Czech Republic is by renting a car. But before you get in touch with a rental company in Prague, there are some things you need to consider to determine if you can handle renting a car in Czech Republic.
Available Vehicles
The options for vehicles are never limiting in Prague. However, the type of car you can use in terms of transmission is a bit limiting. Most of the available rental cars in Prague and in other popular cities in Czech Republic are manual transmission. There are cars with automatic transmission but they are never guaranteed. You could get in touch with the car company in advance but many of them do not have vehicles with automatic transmission.
Road Conditions
The road condition in Czech Republic is relatively good. Roads that lead to cities and towns are often well paved while roads that lead to smaller villages are still tolerable for a small vehicle. However, roads in Czech Republic are often narrow so you have to make sure you know how to properly maneuver the vehicle to avoid any accident. You don’t have to be an expert to drive a rental car in Czech Republic but you have to be familiar with the vehicle to easily deal with the road.
Other Transportation Options

Many tourists love the idea that they can go anywhere they want anytime with their rental car. Others, on the other hand, opt to deal with public transportation to get to different places in Prague and Czech Republic. Trains that go through Prague lead to different cities and towns in the country. Most of these destinations are tourist-friendly places so some simply chose to enjoy the road through trains.

In Prague, tourists can also rely on public transportation. They can choose to travel through bus, trams (electric trains) or metro (the subway). These options are not as expensive to renting a car but tourists have to take note of a schedule to get to the place they want.