Touring the Countryside and Visiting Castle Krakovec

If you happen to watch some of the Prague sex movies online, you’ll notice that most of the locations of the movies are in the city, in a bustling city neighborhood. But even though Prague sex partys portray a busy bustling city, there is a totally different side of Czech Republic that everyone should check out. Even though you are only in Prague to enjoy some sex party for the weekend, you could always explore other places and enjoy the surrounding.

For those who don’t have much time to explore the countryside, a good place to consider for a quick getaway is the town of Rakovnik. It’s not a very popular tourist destination but it does offer something that will make you and your companion enjoy your trip. The town is home to an architecturally unique castle built during the Middle Age.

The Uniqueness of Castle Krakovec 

Castle Krakovec is not your regular castle because it comes with a different shape. It’s still your typical castle because of the set-up of fortification but the shape of the structure is totally different. Instead of following the standard baroque and/or Romanesque architecture, the main structure features has a rounded shape.  Strictly speaking, it’s still a form of gothic architecture because of the small windows but it becomes a different type of building because of the unique look of the main building. Just like most structures built from 13th to 15th century in Czech Republic, Castle Krakovec is surrounded by fortification.  Although the castle was burned by fire in 1783, most of its parts still stand to this day. The massive pillar that protects the building from any type of calamity easily holds the rest of the structure for centuries.

Finding Castle Krakovec

As already indicated, the Castle Krakovec can be visited with just one day of travel. It’s located in the central region of Czech Republic which means you don’t have to travel all day just to reach the castle. From Prague, travel time to Rakovnik is only an hour and a half. From the town center, you can hail a cab since the castle is just 10 kilometers southwest.

Aside from the beautiful castle, you and your hot companion could also visit a very old brewery. They manufacture beers under the brand Bakalar and they are considered one of the oldest breweries in the country because the brewery started its operations in 1454.