Transportation in Cesky Krumlov with Your Czech Escort Prague


Cesky Krumlov is a small picturesque town of Czech Republic. But don’t judge the town for its size as its one of the treasured places of the country because of its rare historic feat. It’s a town that has practically preserved itself for more than 700 centuries. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has attracted tourists from many places that it can outnumber the actual locals. It’s a mystical place as you’re practically transported to middle-ages. If you want to impress a hot Czech Escort Prague, you should take her to this place.


Another factor that has added to the “mystic” theme of the place is the effort required to reach the place. The town is not actually that far wherein you have to travel by plane but it could be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to start.


Bus as the Best Option


Your best bet in reaching the city as soon as possible is by bus. This is especially true if you came from Prague to find a beautiful girl from the Czech Republic. From Prague, the bus should arrive in Cesky Krumlov after 2.5 hours. When the bus arrives in Cesky Krumlov, it will have two stops but each stop is merely minutes away from the town center or the main square.


The bus is also a better option even if you’re coming in from other Central European countries. There are a good number of bus companies in the neighboring countries that goes straight to Cesky Krumlov.


Slow but Steady Train


The train also arrives in Cesky Krumlov from Prague but stops at České Budějovice. From there, you should transfer to another train before reaching the historic town. Because of the transfer and waiting time, you should arrive in Cesky Krumlov after 4 hours from Prague.


Here’s a small tip: if you’re travelling with a hot companion from Prague, don’t go directly to Cesky Krumlov if your choice of transportation is by train. Stay in České Budějovice for a day to appreciate the place and their world-class beer before heading to Cesky Krumlov.


Options of Transportation when in Cesky Krumlov


Going around Cesky Krumlov is very easy because of the town’s size which means you can walk to visit the popular structures. But you might tire yourself if you just walk aimlessly. You should start at the main square since this will give you a good idea on the directions of popular tourist destinations. The longest walk you could have with your hot companion is 30 minutes but you will never notice it since you frequently stop to visit some houses.


There are also travel agencies that can rent you bikes and horses. The bike is a good option to tour the town faster but you’ll have trouble in some streets because it’s not perfect for a casual bike ride. Horses on the other hand, is quite a unique way to travel but you have to be knowledgeable on maneuvering horses or else you’ll just be in getting in the way of most tourists.


Of course, you and your beautiful escort can just hail a taxi to easily visit places. It’s affordable and you don’t have to exert a lot of effort to visit places in Cesky Krumlov.