Traveling with Czech Escorts in USA


Czech escorts are some of the hottest girls in the world. Not only are they beautiful but the escorts from Czech Republic are known to provide excellent companionship. Agencies and individual escorts make sure that their clients are cared well so that they’ll be back the next time. Men from USA often come in Czech Republic not just to enjoy the sights of the country but also to meet these gorgeous women.


Because of the undeniable beauty of the Czech escorts, some men from the USA are so smitten that they ask their escorts to travel to America and be with them for a couple of weeks. If you have encountered a lovely lady and would like to have her as one of the Czech escorts in USA that have traveled because of their beauty, here are some tips:


  • Ask for passport – traveling outside the country will require a passport. Since your Czech escort will be traveling as a tourist, her passport should not expire within 90 days. When granted, a tourist can only stay in the country for 90 days. Without a valid passport, she might be forced to return to the country or will not be allowed to enter even when you arrive with her in the airport.
  • The Visa Waiver Program with a Twist – the best thing about Czech Republic citizens is that they no longer have to apply for a Visa if they are visiting the country only as a tourist because of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). But the WVP doesn’t mean you can enter the country without any approval. Your escort should register first with ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization. This is basically an online registration form enforced by the USDHS for security purposes.

Creating a Travel Plan


Your Czech escort is not just someone you can bring home or bring to your city without any plan. It’s true that she will be your guest and she has probably never been in the country. But that doesn’t mean everything will look great once she reached there. You still have to treat her like you’re on vacation. Before leaving for the country, you need to have a good travel plan. This will allow you to visit more places in shorter time.


So what places should you visit? As much as possible, try to learn her preferences since you don’t want her to get bored while staying in your place. She could be a hot Czech escort in USA but she might not provide the intimacy you want because you really don’t give her a great time. Ask her what she wants or seeks in the USA so that you can have a definite plan and visit places where you can have fun.


An Exhilarating Experience


Having a hot girl from Czech in your home is an exhilarating experience. But you don’t just rush on your invitations. Look for a girl that loves what you do in your free time so that you can both enjoy your extended vacation. When you’re having fun, you can be sure that your intimacy will be better than ever.