Understanding the Regions in Czech Republic to Fully Enjoy Escort Service in Czech Republic


It’s always important for tourists to understand the country’s geographic as well as political setting. Even though you’re just there to have fun, you’re never exempted from learning these facts. In fact, it’s a must that you know these facts. You and your beautiful companion will be visiting various places in Czech Republic and if you do not know some basic facts about the country, you can easily get lost. You might even find yourself in trouble simply because you do not know where to find the right escort service in Czech Republic.


In this article, we take a look at the regions in Czech Republic – its importance to you as a tourist and what you can do with these facts at hand.


The Regional Divide


Czech Republic is divided into thirteen regions or Kraje. These regions cover specific parts of the country based on their location. The regions are often determined based on the town’s location. For example, a region is called “Central Bohemia Region” simply because it’s located in the central part of the country. But do take note that none of these regions cover Prague. The capital is referred to as a separate region called “Hlavní město Praha”. Even though Prague is a lot smaller in land, its economic activity is enough to rival other regions in Czech Republic


Districts before Regions


Before there were regions in Czech Republic, the country is divided into various districts. These are a lot smaller compared to regions as they only cover a few cities and towns. There used to be 76 districts and three singular city districts. Just like in regional setting, none of the districts cover Prague. Each of these districts had political power since it was instituted in 1960.


But the political power of the districts was dissolved in 1999 in favor for a smaller version. Instead of districts, certain towns were appointed with “extended functionality” which means they become the center of a small area. There are currently 119 municipalities in the Czech Republic. The idea of the original districts is still there but they now limited to geographical setting.


Capitals in Each Region


Each region has a capital and they are also used as a seat for the region’s administrators. Some regions are named after their capital (Olomouc Region with Olomouc as the capital). Others, on the other hand, are named after their location (South Bohemian Region). The capital is very important not only as a seat for the region’s administrator but also because of its importance to the country. Most, if not all, capitals of the regions of Czech Republic can be a great travel destination. You and your hot companion can visit any of these places and have a great time.


The Regions in Czech Republic and You


The best thing about regions in Czech Republic is that it will provide you with a guide on how to visit various cities in Czech Republic. Each region is popular for something (festivities, food, beer, historical structures etc.) so it’s easy to map or plan your travel. You and your hot companion can easily visit these regions as you know the exact places to visit.