Visiting the Remarkable Litice Castle

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But aside from the amazing erotic services you can enjoy in Prague, there are also places that you should try visiting so that you can learn more about the country. Czech Republic is well known for the variety of castles and mansions. Most of them are open to the public and they feature some of the most impressive architectural designs in the country.

A good example of a beautiful structure that tells of the country’s culture and past is the Litice Castle.  Located in Zamberk, Litice Castle is a perfect example on how the structure takes advantage of the geographical setting. The castle is located on top of a hill which means the structure also serves as a lookout for possible attacks. This is a common setup for structures built from 13th to 15th century. The structure was actually built during the 13th century and its architectural design is also another indication of the structure’s age. The structure features a classic gothic design and even though it went through restoration and reconstruction, the original theme still stays.

Finding Litice

Because of Litice’s popularity, finding the structure is relatively simple. The castle is part of a small village called Zamberk located in the northern region of the country. If you’re staying in Prague, you have to travel for hours before reaching the area. But even though you have to spend at least a day before reaching the town and the castle, the trip is all worth it as you pass through some picturesque towns along the way.

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